Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorry for the interrupted posts!

There has been a two week interruption in our posts as one of our employees (me!) was stuck in one of the small Vermont towns that got completely cut off from the rest of the state when Hurricane Irene rolled through the NorthEast.  We had no power, water, cell service or phone for 5 days, and no way out or in of our town for almost two weeks.  We have had services back for about a week now, but needless to say, the rebuilding and recovering has taken top priority for us. 

I have been utterly amazed with the outpouring of support and help from our community, people and organizations around the state, and accross the United States.  This was a disaster unlike anything Vermonters have seen since the flood of `27 and the hurricane of `38, and everyone handled it with grace and the "Vermont Way".  Neighbor helping neighbor, towns banding together to get their neighbors safe and the roads rebuilt to get supplies in, and working from dawn `til dusk for the good of everyone.  There have been many times through this whole process that I have been moved to tears by the spirit of Vermonters, it has been hard mentally and physically, but incredibly fulfilling to the spirit and soul. 

As we slowly get back to "normal", or at least back to a NEW normal for us, we want to thank everyone that helped and supported our beautiful state through this.  The State and Town Officials, the National Guard from all over the country, the fire departments, emergency response and rescue teams, the tons of volunteers from around the country, and of course the amazing Vermonters that prove once again that if we band together, we can accomplish anything!

Please be sure to continue to support and help where and when you can.  The initial reconnections are done, no towns are isolated any longer, but there are many of our friends, family and neighbors that have lost everything, and there is a LONG way yet to go on the recovery, repairs and rebuilding.  Check out the fundraising events, donation drives, benefit concerts and shows, and volunteer opportunities in your area and help Vermont and it's dedicated residents.  Thank you! 

Proud to be a Vermonter,