Friday, February 13, 2015

Big News for 2015

Big News for 2015

Dial Tone service for Business from Key Communications is here! Our telephone system clients have been asking us for years why we could not supply the dial tone instead of using one of the large dial tone suppliers.
We here at Key Communications have been working on creating a alternative to traditional dial tone services for Business users and we have it now. You get to keep your existing phone numbers and with our service you get a customized feature set based on your needs. Features such as mailboxes with E-Messaging or text messaging, Auto attendants, Direct Dial numbers, remote number porting, unlimited calling*, outbound caller ID of your main number on all lines, call forwarding manual and automatic, HD sound quality (better than the old analog dial tone sound) and much more. Give us a call  for details 802-296-6800

Monday, August 27, 2012

Key Communications and Panasonic Have The Communications System To Suit Your Needs Today and Tomorrow!

Panasonic, a global leader in business communications, and Key Communications, the best communications service provider in the Vermont and New Hampshire area, team up to offer enhanced communications solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and homes and beyond.  Panasonic Business Phone Systems has the system to meet your needs, and Key Communications has the expertise to get you the system that is perfect for you:
- Easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions
- Seamlessly expand and network solutions
- Reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks
- Centralize feature access for multiple locations
- Support a mobile workforce with wireless connectivity
- Compatible with many Panasonic and third party applications

SOHO Phone Systems - 
Key features and benefits include:
- IP telephone options for more power and features
- IP Softphones for enhanced communications
- SIP phones for savings and centralization
- Conference phones for clarity and networking
- Multi-cell DECT wireless for mobility
- Digital phones for affordability and scalability
Click here for case studies

IP Phone Systems -
Key features and benefits include:
- Provides an SMB business with communications management power
- Integrated voice messaging and productivity software
- SIP phones for savings and centralizations
- Support a variety of endpoints including IP, SIP, Digital, Wireless, and Analog
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Digital Phone Systems -
Key features and benefits include:
- Offers straight forward support for Panasonic Digital and Analog phones
- Support for SIP trunking
- Offers an entry point into IP phones without committing or obsolescing your prior Panasonic handset investments
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Contact Key Communications today to start planning the communications system that works for you and your business today!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone Honored for Exceptional Innovation 

Secaucus, NJ, and Norwalk, CT, August 7, 2012 – Panasonic, a leader in the business telephony market*, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, named the Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone a 2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award winner – presented by its publication, INTERNET TELEPHONY.
“With every new product launch, Panasonic strives to meet the ever-changing technology needs of our customers in a variety of industries,” said Bill Savino, Marketing Manager for business communication solutions at Panasonic. “The TMC Labs Innovation Award serves as another prestigious recognition of Panasonic’s focus on bringing to market innovative and scalable telecommunications offerings for businesses of all sizes.” 

The TMC Labs Innovation Award honors products that display innovation, unique features, and significant contributions toward improving communications technology. The TMC Labs Innovation Awards are given to those companies demonstrating ground-breaking contributions to the industry.
“The TMC Labs Innovation Award represents the best and the most unique products and services that this industry has to offer. Panasonic has proven its commitment to quality and the further development of the IP communications industry through its Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone,” stated Tom Keating, CTO and TMC Labs Founder.
“Congratulations to the entire team at Panasonic for earning this great honor. I look forward to seeing more innovative solutions from them as they continue to contribute to the future of IP communications,” Keating added.

“Panasonic has been recognized for its exceptional work in advancing IP Communications. Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone has proven exceptional and its innovation has contributed to the advancement of the industry,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

The 2012 TMC Labs Innovation Award highlights are published in the July/August 2012 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine. Awa
About the Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone
The Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone offers users a communication solution and business tool that can enhance operations in industries such as retail, education, healthcare and hospitality. Through the use of the high-quality video (H.264/720P) viewer and up to 16 integrated Panasonic Network Security Cameras, managers in retail environments can discreetly monitor a store with their desk phone from a back office or even from home. Users can choose a specific camera feed to view or opt for all feeds to run sequentially on the LCD screen. Similarly, school faculty and authorities can monitor potential emergency situations in classrooms from a secure area by viewing live video on the phone from Panasonic’s PTZ network video cameras. Users can control integrated camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functions directly from the phone’s screen, ensuring they keep an eye on all areas of a room in an emergency. 
The KX-UT670 is equipped with a large 7-inch LCD touch screen, which allows for easy access to control phone features and installed applications. The open source-based operating system is programmable in Java, allowing for a company to utilize a variety of business-friendly applications or develop ones which are specifically designed to fit their needs. Applications can be easily loaded onto the phone using the built-in SD Memory Card Slot. Users can also take advantage of web browsing, access email directly from their phone and check daily calendar appointments with third-party applications.
Coupling with a hosted or open-source PBX allows for simple, user-friendly configuration so users can easily set-up a phone system without the cost or hassle of installation services. Two 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability allow for simplified wiring and easy connection of a second device. Additional phone features include 3-way conference call support, phonebook, long handset cords, non-slip rubber feet, wall mounting option and a changeable angle stand. 

Pricing and Availability
The Panasonic SIP KX-UT670 Smart Desk Phone is available through authorized Panasonic resellers, please contact Key Communications for current pricing and more information.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Panasonic NCP1000 To The Rescue - Case Study: Holy Redeemer School

Wicked Electrical Storm Forces Emergency Upgrade of Phone System & Presents Opportunity to Add Special Security Features

When a powerful storm swept through metropolitan Washington, D.C. early last summer, an electrical strike knocked out the entire communications system at Holy Redeemer School in nearby Kensington, MD, leaving the Catholic school without telephone service. About the only good thing about the incident was that the K-8 students were on summer break and not due to return for a couple of months. Still, the school had to make a series of quick decisions about how to restore phone service.

Everyone knew it didn’t make sense to repair the aging phone system, as was evident from replacement planning begun even before disaster struck. The cabling dated back to 1950 when the school was built and was not likely to be reused. It quickly became a question of what kind of phone system to install, and, more importantly, did the school have any special communications needs that could now be addressed?

In addition to supporting 13 phones with room for future expansion, the school needed a system that could also bring significant security benefits to the table. The administrators had two capabilities in mind: 1) monitor each of the school’s main entry/exit ways from the front office and 2) remotely open each door without leaving the office.

With these criteria in mind, Panasonic’s modular and highly flexible KX-NCP1000 Network Communications Platform as the core business telephone system was recommended. In addition to accommodating near-term growth and future expansion—which as it turned out would include moving the rectory’s phone system onto the NCP platform at some point—the NCP1000 made it possible to converge disparate phone systems that had been haphazardly cobbled together over the years into a single state-of-the-art IP telephone system.  Robust electrical protection was already built in to the NCP to ensure that future thunderstorms would not put the school’s converged data and phone network at risk. Finally, the NCP1000’s modular architecture would easily accommodate the desired security features with room
to expand.

Please click HERE to read the full Case Study and details on the installation, setup and equipment.  Contact Key Communications for more information on how a Panasonic system can be custom built for your needs and specifications.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Introducing the Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset

Simply Elegant.
Sleek design, improved performance, legendary reliability.
Plantronics consistently sets the standard in wireless headset technology.  And they've done it again with the CS530 wireless headset system. 

Replacing the popular CS70 series wireless headsets, the redesigned CS530 provides the same over-the-ear wearing style, but with a new elegant design, magnetic docking and more, all for the same price.

- Enjoy clearer desk phone communications with wideband audio quality.
- Enhance collaboration - conference in up to three additional headsets.
- Gain mobility - multitask, hands-free up to 350 feet.
- Voice-dedicated DECT technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference.
- Adaptive power system optimizes for range and talk time.
- Use with electronic hookswitch cable or handset lifter to remotely answer and end calls.

We are thrilled to see this new design from Plantronics, please contact Key Communications for more information or pricing. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Did You Know... Key Communications is more than just phone systems?

Did you know that your favorite telephone and voice mail system vendor does a myriad of other things too?  Key Comm has a long list of products and services we offer, and we find often that people are not aware of some of the things we do.  We are very proud of our excellent reputation and history as the premier telephone and voice mail system provider in the VT/NH area, but we offer even MORE!  Here's a rundown of the products and services available from Key Communications:

Business or residential telephone and voice mail systems 
Pretty much everyone knows about this one, communications systems are the cornerstone of Key Communications, not just a sideline.  Our staff has over 45 combined years of experience with all types of communications systems, from the small office / home office with just a few telephones and simple features, to the enterprise size systems with hundreds of telephones and advanced features, the options are endless with Key Comm's incredible lineup of products and the extensive experience we have.

Business or residential communications cabling installation, repair, troubleshooting, testing (IE: telephone, computer network, etc) 
Surprisingly, many people don't know Key Comm does communications cabling as well!  Not only do we offer full service interior telephone and computer network cabling, but we also install and maintain any low-voltage cabling such as paging systems, background music systems, surveillance camera systems, even coax cabling and audio/video systems, just to name a few.  And that's just inside the building, Key Comm also offers aerial or burial communications cabling, fiber optic, and even wireless.  Key has you covered when it comes to your communications infrastructure!

Paging, intercom and background music systems 
As mentioned above, we install and maintain the cabling for paging, intercom and background music systems, but we also design systems and supply all the best rated equipment.  Do you need background music for a waiting area for the comfort of your clients and customers?  Do you need a door intercom/doorphone and entry system for security?  Do you need a paging or intercom system to cover a large warehouse area or parking lot?  Key Comm has you covered on all of the above, and more!

Audio/Video systems and cabling installation
Do you need a video conferencing system with a large flat screen TV, or a presentation system for your training area, or even a surround sound system for your home audio/video room?  Key Communications can help you plan and implement any audio/video setup you need from the best televisions/monitors all the way to the cabling needed to connect it all and make it work.

Fiber Optic (interior and exterior),Aerial and Burial cabling installation
Key Comm doesn't just install interior communications cabling, we also offer outside plant aerial and burial cabling to link buildings and sites.  Whether you need copper phone or data, or even fiber optic cabling, Key Comm has you covered.  Sometimes wireless is not an option and you still need that physical cable in place, or the distance is too long and you require a fiber optic backbone, Key will work with you on all your cabling projects, from design to installation and beyond.

IP security/surveillance camera systems
Would you like a security system you can view from any internet browser, anywhere?  What about a surveillance system that runs on your computer network?  The Panasonic IP camera systems are all that, and more!  The IP cameras can even integrate with your telephone system and doorphone/door entry system and you can control both right from your desk phone.  The options and features are virtually endless.  Let us know what you require and we'll build the system that meets your needs.

Communications project planning services 
Have you been tasked with planning a communications or computer networking plan for your budget planning, or do you need a professional to discuss communications options with?  With over 45 combined years of experience in the telephone and computer network field, we are happy to help and give you the "inside scoop" on the best solution for you.  If it's dial tone/service provider questions or recommendations, communications system or cabling project design help or quotes, or anything else we can help you with, Key Comm is at your service.

Pretty much anything that has to do with communications! If you don't see it listed here, just ask!
Like it says above, if it isn't listed above, ask us and we can probably help.  Over the years we have custom designed notification systems for doctor's offices, manufactured custom cables for clients, worked with clients and service providers to contract telephone and data service, pre-programmed IP telephones to be direct shipped to remote employees across the country, and even outside of the country, the list goes on and on.  Rely on the successful history of Key Communications to get your project done right.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Panasonic’s NCP: An Easy Migration

Last year I placed the Panasonic NCP 1000 online in our test bed. Timing is pretty crucial when you’re migrating a new office over to a new phone system. Having only been in our new offices a few months and just getting over construction to take on installing a new phone box wasn’t exactly an item at the top of my list. To obtain new advanced features, must we give up old must-have/iron-horse features?

I mapped out a plan to save our not-so-old phones because preserving customers’ assets isn’t something you want to ignore. Because we were using the Panasonic hybrid, I wanted to explore using SIP trunks and wanted an IP solution instead of a hardware-centric solution that our hybrid system offers (Panasonic KX-TDA100). I didn’t want to upgrade our hybrid to an IP box either. Instead, I really wanted to go through the upgrade “process” since we will eventually put some of our customers through it as well. Our cell stations were not compatible with the NCP so I replaced them with the new ones. That was the only twist in our implementation. I shoulder surfed the Hybrid configuration and setup the NCP pretty quickly. Our ACD (KX-NCV200) was reused and it was flawless, no loss of voice mail messages or any issues. In summary, Panasonic delivered an IP product that carries familiarity in the programming and user interface--meaning everything was obvious to anyone using the existing phones. Familiarity is a good thing and another line item of what not to ignore when replacing your telephony system.

We connected our fax machines and some 2500 sets to the NCP, SIP trunks, SIP conference phone, IP phones and good ol’ digital proprietary telephones (DPT). The NCP isn’t a grab-it-off-the-shelf system, and it’s not something you install without thinking because you could end up with lots of issues. I’m referring to the numbers and types of devices that the NCP will support. Panasonic has done a great job in preserving customers’ gear and traditional features. The DPTs and 2500 sets carry a weighted value and the NCP can only support so much “weight.”