Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FairPoint comes closer to getting retail regulatory relief in N.H.

FairPoint and rival Comcast's dream of having a less restrictive regulatory structure in New Hampshire is nearing reality, as Senate Bill 48 (SB 48) passed the state Senate. However, it now has pass muster with the state's House of Representatives.

If SB 48 does not get approved, the House has proposed another bill that would enable the telco to get alternative regulation, something that has been proposed in Vermont. The Vermont PUC devised a four-year regulatory plan approved by the Vermont PUC allows the telco to offer competitive pricing while maintaining pricing on basic PSTN service.

SB 48 and the "deregulation light" option are both being evaluated by the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee, which is led by chairman Rep. James Garrity, R-Atkinson.

"I've read SB 48, and I like it. It's not 100 percent of what we want--it's well over 90 percent," Garrity said in a New Hampshire Business Review article, adding that he still needs to see what happens at a public hearing to be held in mid-March.

Among the many elements proposed in SB 48 is that the telco would not have conduct the same amount of regulatory reporting, pay penalties for service issues, get approval for rates (there are still rate increase caps), nor need PUC oversight on anything besides PSTN services. In addition, the bill would overturn a PUC decision to regulate Comcast's phone service.

Patrick C. McHugh, FairPoint's new New Hampshire president, told NHBR that SB 48 would "allow us to be quick on our feet, in the sense that new products can get speed to market. It will be a benefit for the state because it furthers competition, and competition is good."

Arguing that there's a lot of competition in New Hampshire's telecom market, FairPoint believes that deregulation would help level the playing field to fight the growing base of CLECs and cable competition.

Article courtesy of FierceTelecom.
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Panasonic HD Video Communications System

Take your meetings to the next level with an HD Visual Communications system from Panasonic.

Real-time collaboration in stunning HD - A Panasonic HDVC system lets you simulate and reap the benefits of face-to-face interaction without the exorbitant costs and carbon footprint associated with business travel.
With HDVC you can closely inspect a CAD drawing of a newly milled machine part by your factory,  observe delicate vascular surgery from across the country, or train your global sales force just as if you were physically present.  You'll experience crystal-clear HD video combined with full-duplex sound that lets you capture the nuances of facial expression, tone of voice and body language, crucial towards developing a level of trust and rapport otherwise afforded only by a meeting in person.  Some features include:
Computer/Sub Camera Connection - Connect a PC or sub camera and show the other party your computer screen or second camera images.  Perfect for adding slideshows, movies or other images to the meeting.
Interoperability - Designed for maximum flexibility, Panasonic HDVC can be integrated  into an existing video conferencing environment.
Easy Connection and Operation - With Panasonic HDVC you can one-touch connect with the desired party using the remote control or address book.  You can also make two-point or multi-point calls via a company's SIP server.  These calls can either be point-to-point or multipoint when you utilize the internal bridging functionality.  Switch the outgoing video to a sub camera feed or a presentation on a PC with a single remote click.
Split Screen Capability - In a call, all sides can see all other parties and the data being shared at the same time.
Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera Control - Using the HDVC remote control, you can pan, tilt or zoom both local and remote cameras.
360 Degree HD Audio - 360 degree full-duplex audio combined with our echo-cancellation feature ensures clear voices and lets parties on both sides of the conference talk at once, just as you would in a face to face meeting.
Stable Connection/Low Bandwidth Support - Our unique A/V QoS technology helps prevent image and sound disruptions on both intranet and internet connections with only 1.5Mbps required for Full HD audio and video transmission.
1080i FUll HD Video - As a premier developer of HD video technologies, Panasonic delivers a dazzling level of realism that bridges oceans by seamlessly bringing your clients and associates together in the same room.

Industry Applications:
Human Resources - Rein in recruitment costs while still reaping the benefits of crucial face to face interviews.  HDVC delivers all the benefits of a meeting in person, facial expressions, body language, demeanor and other nuances are conveyed, but without the time and cost associated with travel.  This not only allows the applicant pool to be widened, but also shortens the hiring timeline.
Training - Corporate training sessions no longer have to entail flying in personnel from far-flung regional offices.  Sales managers and other professionals can conduct detailed training sessions with satellite offices.  New employee orientations can be conducted remotely without sacrificing the robust, personal interaction necessary for an effective meeting.  Onerous travel expenses are rerouted to the bottom line while wasted travel time is eliminated.
Education - Experts and prominent lecturers who would otherwise be unavailable due to time and travel constraints can now be brought to the "virtual classroom".  Students at satellite college campuses can attend lectures by top professors stationed at the main campus.  Notes on a blackboard and other visual aids are seen clearly, while crisp HD audio ensures no question goes unheard.
Manufacturing - Engineers who would otherwise travel to factories to inspect machinery or collaborate on new product designs can now get a detailed look at blueprints or finely-machined parts, demonstrate assembly methods or conduct quality control seminars without leaving the home office.
Medical - Students can participate in interactive training sessions with experts a continent away.  360 degree full-duplex audio means participants on both sides of the conference are clearly heard.  Physicians can consult with one another in real time across continents and provide diagnostic assistance by getting a detailed look at x-rays, charts or patients themselves, saving time and money.

Contact Key Communications to see how HD Video Communications can help you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are You Frustrated with the Cell "Dead Zones"?

We have all had it happen, having a normal conversation on your cell phone in the car, in the office, or even at home, and the dreaded crackling and dropouts start.  All of a sudden you are only hearing every third word that is being said, and eventually, *poof* the call is gone.  Then you have to wait to get a solid signal again to call your party back, only to lose them again, and again, and again.  Or maybe you are one of the unlucky ones that doesn't even get signal where you live or work, as is all too common here in Northern New England. 

Key Communications has a solution!  We are an authorized dealer and professional installer for the Wi-Ex zBoost line of cell signal boosters for home, industrial/commercial, and even for your car. The award-winning zBoost® line of cell phone signal boosters enhance the performance of your Cell Phone, Smart Phone, such as, iPhone, Blackberry and Android, and even your Wireless Data Card. zBoost not only increases signal for voice transmission, it also increases signal and speed of aircards, EDGE and 3G technology.

zBoost provides solutions for the 65% of cell phone owners experiencing problems with their cell phone service, including dropped calls, poor signal reception or dead zones. There are several obstacles that can contribute to the poor reception you receive indoors:
  • Location of the cell phone tower in relation to you
  • Obstructions caused by buildings, terrain and trees
zBoost improves cell phone signal by capturing and enhancing outside signal, then bringing it indoors.

Contact Key Communications today for more information on how zBoost can increase productivity and reduce frustration with your cell or smartphone service.