Thursday, March 29, 2012

MANDATORY Programming Fix for Hacking Protection on Panasonic Systems

We are posting to notify all our clients that there has been a recent increase in hacker attacks on business telephone and voice mail systems in Vermont and New Hampshire. The systems are hacked and used to make expensive telephone calls to international phone numbers or premium rate numbers at the expense of the unlucky company targeted. This type of attack is not limited to one type of system, ALL systems can be targeted, Hybrid, IP, Hosted IP, or basic PBXs, and all system manufacturers. Unfortunately, many businesses adopt the "it can't happen to me" philosophy... until it's too late.

Please go to our main site, to read the full notice and additional information on the MANDATORY security fix for hacking protection for your system.  Click on the big lock on the main page to get all the details.  Thank you.