Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Financing Business Communication Equipment Makes Sense...

Why Finance?

A constantly changing business environment makes managing cash flow both challenging and critical. Technology changes just as fast – presenting both the opportunity and the need to acquire that new technology.  The successful business leaders are able to balance cost cutting, preserve business capital and take advantage of adopting new technology.

Equipment financing with Marlin is the solution.  Our flexible financing allows you to acquire Panasonic communications technology without an up-front cash investment. We offer various financing plans with flexible terms and payment options.

Bottom line – acquire new technology and preserve your cash.

Flexible Financing Options

We all hear the word "leasing" or "financing" and usually cringe.  The early days of leasing and financing made us fear enormous interest rates and giant balloon payments at the end of the term.  That isn't the case any more!  With flexible financing options, special plans and rates for non-profits, schools and municipalities, and great rates for everyone, financing your new system might just be the solution you have been looking for.

With $1 Buyout financing, also referred to as a Capital lease or finance lease, you simply pay $1 at the completion of your term, and you own your system, it's that simple.  This option is perfect for companies or residences that are fairly certain they want to own the equipment after the lease term ends. With a finance lease, you (the lessee) can claim ownership of the asset for tax purposes (although the funding source is the actual owner), so you can claim depreciation and interest expense deductions. Most commercial leases are done under a $1 buy out lease due to the mileage restrictions with other types of leases. With a $1 out lease, you own the equipment at the end of the term.

With FMV (Fair Market Value) financing, also known as an operating lease or True lease, you have the option of making the final payment and owning your system, or turn in the equipment and upgrade to a new system.  FMV financing is primarily designed for businesses that want the lowest monthly payment with the greatest flexibility at the end of the lease term. With an operating lease, the lessor (funding source) retains ownership of the asset for tax purposes, and the lessee (you) typically claims all lease payments as an operating expense or tax deduction. The greatest asset of the FMV is to lower the monthly payment to the least amount possible. At the end of the lease, you would hold no obligation to purchase the equipment, although you would have the availability to do so from the leasing company at the equipment FMV as determined by the leasing company.

The differences and /or advantages of one type over another would be specific to each particular customer and in each specific application. You could see the same company use an operating lease in one situation and then a capital lease in another. Particular use, long term ownership needs, and mileage requirements would certainly sway one's decision.

Why Marlin Business Services?

Marlin Leasing Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marlin Business Services Corp., continues to make borrowing available to most Panasonic customers.  Marlin Leasing and Panasonic have formed a strategic alliance to provide flexible financing that allow Panasonic customers the ability to upgrade older communication systems or to deploy new technology.

Marlin is not experiencing the same financing capacity issues as other financial institutions and independent leasing companies. We are well capitalized and acquire funding support internally through Marlin Business Bank – allowing us to be less reliant on external funding sources.

As a trusted business partner, Marlin can help you obtain and maintain the right Panasonic solution for your business.  Contact Key Communications today for more information.