Wednesday, August 24, 2011

E-Messaging (Voicemail to Email), What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

A topic that comes up frequently in businesses is the issue of voicemail. It is surprising to hear how many people are still waiting until they get to the office to check their voicemail or calling into the office periodically to check messages. How many sales or opportunities are lost when you are on the road because you didn’t know you had an important voicemail left on your phone system at the office? Now with voicemail to email service, you can stay connected anywhere you are with E-Messaging.

So what is E-Messaging and what are the benefits?
Quite simply, E-Messaging is a voicemail to email service which digitally records your voicemail messages and then turns them into a sound file (such as a .wav or .mp3). That sound file then gets attached to an email message which would typically include the details of the call such as the date/time, the caller’s name and number and how long the message is. This being 2011 and all, everyone has a smart phone so that those voicemail to email messages are instantly viewable on your iphone, blackberry, android etc and you never miss another important voicemail. A for better or worse, you can receive voicemail messages 24 hours a day without having to give out your cell phone number directly to customers. Being able to listen to the .wav or .mp3 file right on your smart phone or in your email inbox is a huge benefit and a real time saver. You can even use voicemail to email as an after hours service to customers who might need emergency support.
What if you don’t have a smart phone? Voicemail to email services can also send you an email to your home computer or laptop whenever a voicemail is left for you so that you don’t have to call in to check it.

The Panasonic KXTVA Voice Processing system can be connected to your Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) providing integration with your email. This ensures your staff receives important messages, no matter where they are!