Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Check Key Communications out!

All kinds of (online) excitement for Key Communications! 

Please visit our NEW website at WWW.KEY-COMM.COM!  Same web address, but totally new site with an online store, telephone and voice mail system information, services information, client user guides, the list goes on and on!  Take a moment to check out the new site and lest us know what you think!

This blog... of course!  Check here for interesting articles, Key Communications promos and deals, Manufaturer promos and deals, the happenings at Key, anything and everything that is pertinant... or whatever I feel like writing that day... could be interesting...  LOL

Key Comm on FACEBOOK!  It's true, you can find us on FB now!  Click on over and "like" your favorite communications company! 

Thank you to our clients, we hope these additions are useful and helpful, we'd love your feedback!